Monday, October 04, 2004

King Bubble-Boy George

Jonathan Alter, writing in the Newsweek, looks at how living in a yesman-toady bubble has robbed Bush of the need to reflect on his decisions. Instead of reflection and the ability to logically defend his choices, Bush argued, in the debate, from bald assertion and a misplaced sense of divine right:
Oct. 11 issue -- No wonder President Bush lost round one in Miami: he got rusty living in the bubble. The president looked peeved in the debate cutaway shots not just because he's a competitive guy, but because John Kerry was leveling harsh criticism to his face—a new experience for him. Bush claims not to want yes men and women around him but he's had little experience in the past four years with anyone else. Not since last winter—when he handled Tim Russert poorly and botched a press conference by refusing to admit any mistakes—has Bush taken tough questions in public. Instead of responding to those failed outings with more practice, the Bush team took the most inaccessible president in 75 years and cut him off even further from reality.

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