Friday, September 16, 2005

Bush Pledges Have Typically Been Incompletely Kept

In a speech where the President had no where to go but up --given that he ignored the catastrophe in its early days so that he could rest up before a speech and guitar lesson in San Diego after Gov. Blanco begged him to send every bit of help he could-- Bush came out with a credit card and a promise.

But Bush has made promises before and not delivered. New York didn't get the monies promised after 9/11. Troops still don't have enough armor in Iraq. No Child Left Behind is still an underfunded mandate.

And Bush's recovery plan is no WPA ala FDR; it's a private enterprise free for all. Remember, this is the administration that two years into occupying and rebuilding Iraq via Halliburton still can't manage to get beyond the Green Zone in Baghdad.

I really hope I'm wrong and that things go well and that money isn't skimmed and scammed by the groups represented by loyal republican lobbyists. And I really hope that enterprize zones do the trick. I really hope plans to relax environmental rules to clean and rebuild from what is a major environmental disaster work (Even though the logic of that makes no sense.).

But I'm deeply skeptical.

Bush has so far proven incompetent at every turn on every major initiative: No Child under funded; Iraq an understaffed quagmire bleeding money to a private firm with its own private army; our nation's emergency response system weakened and made inefficient after 9/11, not strengthened; our standing in the world and the mystique of America as a can-do nature imploded, making us more inviting to a terrorist attack abroad, but more significantly at home; and another $200 billion worth of debt about to be settled onto the shoulders of my children and any children and grandchildren they might have.

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