Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Computers and Writing 2008, Athens, GA

I arrived in Athens, GA last night, getting to the hotel about 9 pm.

Happily, despite some heavy traffic made slower by some intermittent hard rain, the ride from the airport to Athens passed quickly because I had good company: Carole Clark Papper and Lynda Haas.

We met up at Budget counter -- me coming from Boston, Carole from Long Island, and Lynda from the LA area.

The conference -- begins Thursday with workshops during the day followed by an opening reception, but Bedford/St. Martin's is hosting an e-portfolio summit.

The idea of the summit is simply: we just wanted to get a lot of smart people in a room to discuss what they see happening with e-portfolios. We gathered an eclectic group, from novices to experts, and we invited some people who might have contrary views on some issues.

It'll be a good, robust, no consensus-forming discussion. Followed by a nice dinner.

That's this afternoon.

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