Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Unsolicitated Solicitations Solutions

From: Carbone, Nick
Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 2:40 PM
To: 'Breanna Colin'
Subject: RE: Publishing Industry Prospects

I am an F level executive at a D level subsidiary of a B level conglomerate.  I make no decisions and being where I am, only know by rumor the names of people, not how to contact them were I ever to dare to, who could make a decision about purchasing a database such as yours. We generally try not to know these things as the news from others in the business is usually glum, depressing us about our prospects, or glad, depressing us even more than bad news because they’re invariably doing better.

If I happen to be in your database, it's probably best, for your product's reputation, that I be removed. If you've ever ordered ice-cream for dessert at a nice restaurant and found a used band-aid in the scoop after your second or third spoonful, you'll know what having me in your database will be like for your customers.

Nick Carbone
Director of Digital Teaching and Learning
ncarbone AT bedfordstmartins DOT GOES HERE com
phone: (six one seven) two seven five – one eight seven two


From: B*** C*** 
Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 2:34 PM
To: Carbone, Nick
Subject: Publishing Industry Prospects
Importance: High


I hope you are the right person to discuss about Printing & Publishing Database which include complete contact details including verified email addresses of Owners, Presidents, C-Level Executives & all other Decision Makers from:

  • News Paper Publishing Companies
  • Paper Manufacturing Companies
  • Commercial Printing Companies
  • Periodical Publishing Companies
  • Book Printing Companies
  • Signage Printing Companies
  • Miscellaneous Publishing Companies
  • Marketing & Advertising Companies
  • Many more Companies
  • And also other industries as per your target specifics

Please let me know your thoughts with geography, so that I can send you the costs of the lists and we could assist you in a much better way.

Also, we provide the database of key professionals from various businesses as per the target criteria. These are recently updated contacts and you can be amongst the quickest to reach out to these professionals

Each record in the list comes with complete contact information such as Contact name, title, company name, mailing address, phone, fax, email, employees, annual sales, SIC code, industry and website beneficial for multi-channel marketing purposes.

If the above listed are not your prospects, please let me know your target market and I will go ahead and email the number of records that we will be able to provide you.
  • We also provide Data Appending services (Append missing information like Email address, Telephone numbers etc to you in house database).
  • We also provide De-duping Services (All you need to do is send just the partial information from your existing file(may be just the company names or the email domains)& we usually run a de-dupe process through our data centre with our master database to determine only the net new contacts (the contacts apart from your existing ones).

Please review and let me know your thoughts.

Awaiting your response.

B**** C*****
Business Development Executive
Ph no : ###-###-####

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